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New Valhalla addition & smart installations

(Halmstad, Sweden) Freya is the name of our newest addition to the Valhalla family. It is a recessed projection screen, developed and produced in Sweden, and is the perfect choice for hidden installations in large venues. Freya comes available in a large range of standard sizes and screen surfaces, and even as Tab Tension.

As a key feature, the screen is entirely hidden when not in use, with both screen and bottom dowel retracted in the recessed case. Moreover, Freya offers you the possibility to install the case first and the screen any time later, so the screen surface is not at risk of damage during construction work. The case is equipped with adjustable inner brackets, and the sliding brackets on top of the case allow easy and unlimited adjustment when installing.

Rickard Bengtsson, Euroscreen’s Customer Service Manager, comments: “More and more of our clients are requesting ‘invisible’ and discreet installations, and Freya handles that job beautifully. The tubular dimensions make the screen surface extremely flat, and guarantee a fantastic viewing experience.”

(Halmstad, Sweden) Our popular Thor case has become even more user friendly and easy to install. We had requests to make installation simpler, and to bring the screen out a bit from the wall, as not all walls are completely even. We also wanted to reduce the need to use many tools, and developed this console at our research centre in Halmstad. When the console is mounted onto the wall or ceiling, hanging up and fixing your Thor case is very easy thanks to a swivel mechanism.

“Once you’ve fixed the case you can adjust the height afterwards, in order to achieve an absolute levelled position; you can even adjust the case horizontally. With this mechanism you can adjust the case to as close as 4 mm from the ceiling”, says Martin Mellerhav, Research and Development, Euroscreen.

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